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European Leaders say Ban Cell Phones and WIFI in Schools

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The following link explains how influential leaders in Europe are now recommended Cell Phones and WIFI in schools be removed..

There are some good comments at the end of the article as well..


The following videos are essential viewing as a primer on WIFI problems:

Why children are at risk from WIFI

How young girls might become sterile from WIFI

WIFI in schools proven dangerous

Why Wireless Radiation can make you sick

Children talk about how WIFI affects them

Health dangers of WIFI in schools

Percentage of people suffering from Radiation side effects, according to WHO


Click here for a list (from 2009) of the efforts underway to remove WiFi

Here are some supporting articles/websites: I recommend purchasing and reading both of Donnas books.. Don works out of Tasmania and is highly qualified. Info for those who suffer from the High frequency Radiation and ES Article on how WIFI adversely affects Male fertility! A great story from the UK showing how the UK are ignoring even their own experts.

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