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Cell Phones, Microwaves And The Human Health Threat

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"The microwaves that cell phones emit can interact with human tissue in an entirely new way, says theoretical biologist at a government lab"

This is an interesting step forward in the fight to understand exactly how it is that cell phones and radio frequency signals can affect humans without literally burning them (the 'thermal' effect..)

Also an interesting aside into how radiowaves can affect the properties of water..

"In 2007 radio-engineer John Kanzius developed an apparatus for cancer treatment by polarized radiowaves in 13 MHz frequency range. During desalination tests of his device with tube filled by marine watter (~ 3% solution of NaCl) he observed an evolution of hydrogen, which can be ignited by lighter (video 1, 2). Experiments were confirmed and replicated (1, 2) by Rustum Roy, a materials scientist at Pennsylvania State University."

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