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We Are EMR Guinea Pigs Featured

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A global "Smart Grid" program is being implemented which is blasting homes and businesses with more electromagnetic radiation than human beings have ever been subject to in human history. It is utterly preposterous to assume this will not lead to major human epidemics.

More links and resources on smart meters, digital meters, electromagnetic radiation, and making your living environment better:

Exposing the dangers and secret agendas behind Smart Meters:

EMF Engineer Rob State's comprehensive 30-minute video "The Dark Side of Smart Meters":

EMF Expert Curtis Bennet's extensive web site packed with hard data:

Feng Shui Expert Suzee Miller has studied how the growing urban cloud of electromagnetic radiation effects our Chi - HEALTH, and it's not good! Suzee's practical EMF solutions are worthwhile and important to know about. This is information on how to protect your home and health - to insure a balanced, prosperous, fulfilling and happy life:

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