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Radiation Blocked! Stop Smart Meter Radiation Featured

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(0 votes) For anyone who does not want to be exposed to the radiation emitted from your utility smart meter, we have developed a simple yet technically proven product to block over.

And from inside the house..


Does the radiation go through the back of the meter into the house?

Ann Shannon Apr 8, 2014
please explain what happens to the radiation being emitted through the BACK of the meter!  what can be done to address that?  Surely the radiation is going in every direction.
SmartMeterGuard Apr 9, 2014
Hi Ann,  The Smart Meter Guard also blocks the RF radiation going inside the house.  We posted a Youtube video demonstrating the Smart Meter Guard blocking the RF inside the house.  Here is a link to the video that shows this: Radiation Blocked -2 Radiation Blocked Inside the House.  Thanks


Will it stop the Signal getting back to the utility company?


Eric Tischler Jun 7, 2014
With one of these in place, is the meter still able to report your electricity use for billing purpose? Seems blocking the signal would block that.
SmartMeterGuard Jun 7, 2014
Hi Eric, Thanks for the questions about the Smart Meter Guard and the utility company.  The utility companies still get the signal they need with the Smart Meter Guard installed.  Here is why.  Smart meters are made to transmit about 25 miles so they make them with fairly high RF power, about 3 to 5 watts depending on the manufacturer.  The Smart Meter Guard blocks about 98% of the RF emitting from the smart meter.  The 1% to 2% RF that leaks out is enough to transmit a signal about a mile or so.  Most utility receiving stations or collector smart meters are only a few blocks from most people's homes.  This means the utility company gets the signal they need.  We have sold quite a few of the Guards and we haven't had any reports of the utility company not getting their signal.  Thanks
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