My Story

Here is the beginning of my story for those who are interested, I am fortunate that I am one of those who has been able to recover to a large degree, and have not been nearly as affected as a large number of people are reporting.

In 2001 I was searching the internet for symptoms that I had been experiencing that had no clear prognosis medically. I was experiencing headaches, a feeling of buzzing in my head that made it challenging to be calm and to think clearly, and had a metallic taste occur in my mouth, often at the same time as the tingling.

I did not (and still do not) have a mobile phone, but sometimes on-site at work I had to talk to contractors or suppliers regarding technical problems using a colleagues phone.  I remember the horrible headache and nausea I felt for hours after spending 10 or 20 minutes on the phone, and how similar it was to the feelings I was getting in my home, without a mobile phone.

In an internet search I came across a number of people with the same issues, who called themselves 'electro-sensitive' (ES) for, and who had varying degrees of symptoms, from headaches through to being unable to function properly in a house with electrical cabling!. One who I got to know used to leave her husband and children at the home in the US and spend time on a boat that they owned, just to escape the constant discomfort.

I decided to look into this and discovered over the last 9 years a great deal of evidence to suggest that not only is electricity a potential human carcinogen, but also one of the most deadly due to its prevalence in our lives, while so little is known about the effects it can have by the average householder.

I hope to address that in part as I have had great success in minimising my exposure to 'electro-magentic fields' (EMF) and will offer practical tips for the average householder to do the same.

I am not a medical professional, I actually work in the IT industry and I will leave the studies and biological surveys to those who are, but this is something we can all be aware of, and mitigate to a great degree personally.

I value feedback via the contact form on this site, feel free to let me know your concerns, or about an new ideas, research that you discover - its all important as the whole picture is needed here. Electricity is often an accelerator of existing health issues, rather than the primary cause, so when investigating this issue, it can be hard to pin things down in a way most people want it. e.g. 'Cigarettes cause Cancer'. Well that is true, but there is compelling research that electricity can cause the acceleration of cancer in smokers, and this is where a total perspective view is helpful, and often very difficult to create as it needs long term study and reliable data.

Please browse the resources, I will add more as I get time, and please join our free newsletter subscription so I can let you know when I have new information.

All the best,

EMFGUY (Peter Needham)